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Shock Shock aftermath


As Jess is forced aloft we asemble, a mix of bemused diner and space freaks.

jess held had some setbacks on the night with the venues acrobats not realy keeping time....

poor greg lost his 30 min set at the start.

not sure about the first band, frank(just frank). thought that they were a bit out of time by a few years....

alisia woolf great stage presence but nothing new.

Then me and jer dj'ed the last 2 hours. great time
had by all


Shock Shock Launch Party

Alicia Wolfe - Headlining
Named after and formed by Australian singer/songwriter Alicia Wolfe in 2007, this power trio’s influences cover an array of genres from Kate Bush to Prodigy to Blondie. The band take pride in wowing dance floors with their flamboyant, theatrical shows and infectious glam-electro-pop, and are now regular headliners in London’s coolest venues like Punk, CafĂ© de Paris and Proud Galleries. When they sing ‘WE ARE ACE’ - they’re not kidding!

Frank (Just Frank)
When you hear the brooding, synth-soaked melodies of Frank (Just Frank) it takes you back to those heady days when Depeche Mode, The Smiths and New Order ruled the radio waves. They’ve just been signed to a New York label and are flying over from Paris specially to perform at the ShockShock club night launch party.

Celebrity Murder Party DJs
Positively famous on the fancy dress circuit, Celebrity Murder Party are known for setting dance floors alight across Europe with bootlegs and remixes of all your favourite party tunes. The terrible twosome that is Jez and Robyn will be cooking up a storm at our launch party with electro classics, eighties revival tunes and monster mashups.



fight between the palm pre and apple Iphone in the same ring.

Ok in the usa the battle lines are drawn with Sprint and AT&T have the two contenders...

O2 will have both phones on its network by christmas. So it is a fight to the death or is it O2 making sure that whatever the choice you will be with O2. Will their network take it.

So with t-mobile ready to take all the various other new android phones looks like the dominent Iphone will have some compertision for people who are not looking to join the Iphone cult....


Hey Brit Awards... The Hood Internet Already Did It

You get that feeling that you something must have been mashed up before here is a case in point from

Hey Brit Awards... The Hood Internet Already Did It

There's an episode of South Park where one of the characters' evil alter-ego (Professor Chaos) attempts to come up with a number of ways to bring, well, chaos to the town. But throughout the brainstorming process, his assistant continues to remind him that his original ideas are unfortunately not all that original. At every stop, Butters, er... Professor Chaos is reminded that "The Simpsons already did it."

At this year's Brit Awards, Estelle and the Ting Tings performed together, combining their songs in a way that the award show has never seen before. And I won't slight it--it was a great performance, adding a bit of much needed zest to compensate for lackluster showings from U2 & Kings of Leon. The only thing is, it's not entirely that original... see, the Hood Internet already did it.

[Right Click Save As] DJ STV SLV "Shut Up, American Boy"


Vicars Murdering Tarts

Progression Boat Party

On 7th March, Celebrity Murder Party will be djing their blend of danceable electro / mashup / remixes at the next Progression Boat Party, to be held on “The Pride of London” near Embankment tube station.

All proceeds from the event to be donated to the Great Ormond Street charity. For more details check out their website here:




Back home getting set

2009 will be better loads of music and djing