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Hey Brit Awards... The Hood Internet Already Did It

You get that feeling that you something must have been mashed up before here is a case in point from

Hey Brit Awards... The Hood Internet Already Did It

There's an episode of South Park where one of the characters' evil alter-ego (Professor Chaos) attempts to come up with a number of ways to bring, well, chaos to the town. But throughout the brainstorming process, his assistant continues to remind him that his original ideas are unfortunately not all that original. At every stop, Butters, er... Professor Chaos is reminded that "The Simpsons already did it."

At this year's Brit Awards, Estelle and the Ting Tings performed together, combining their songs in a way that the award show has never seen before. And I won't slight it--it was a great performance, adding a bit of much needed zest to compensate for lackluster showings from U2 & Kings of Leon. The only thing is, it's not entirely that original... see, the Hood Internet already did it.

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