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Yes this is the first real post after month have loads of pics to put on line. I have had some comment from a few people metioned on this blog. Yes kt I will find a picture that you like. Kate hope you enjoy all of this, can not see your comment.

am going home for a few days so expect some soppy family posts.

have to get this going every day.

I have pica of Brighton, bonfire night and my first grown up party... Well I has grown up.

Oh and I have a new job.


bears in the wood... kt & k sporting the latest in head ferret ware..... Posted by Picasa


The great fable of being early

well last friday night realy up for a nice chill out evening. so did not meet my mates straight after work. so I went straight to the bar.

so reaching oxford street at 5:11 pm with 50 mins to spair I was feeling like a fish out of water. thinking of how I can waist time till i had to meet my three friends, I see a girl jestering me to take my head phone out of my ears. she works for greenpease as I am in such a good mood (due to being v early). so we go through all of the enrolement process as it was somthing that I have been wanting to do for ages.......

while all of this is going on a woman is trying to park next to us. she mounts the curb. It was ruby wax looking very glam. very nice she took a card about green piece as " my son is into all this" as she said that they could not give out her address........


New form of clock made out of family members .....
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Loads of bikes...... York is one of the most bike friendly places in the UK. Much to the detriment of good flow of traffic said the cab driver on the way to the b&b. he fell strangely silent when I said that I was a cyclist.
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in september went to York for 3 days baggage lowpro pack and antler mini case.
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essex freinds..... quite prowd of this pic part from the finger. hope all conserned are cool. that is it give me beer and I will take photos....

I am looking forward to see the GORRILAZ on the EMA's

jo wiley on radio 1 "3d projections worth watching tonight"
well looks that I will watching......


....yes I will sort out my pod cast....

Well time 4 bed

Posting from my phone cool eh....:-D

On the move

and the band played on " .... i doin't give a fuck..."chk chk chk @ the 100 club 26 August 2005 second time I have seen them v cool..... dance your socks off Posted by Picasa

daddy day care in the summer kensington high st 8:00 am after a night shift they calmly looked after the buggy as each other went into the coffee shop to stock up on wake up juice. looks like the mums were sleeping in after a hard week.... who knows. Posted by Picasa

we all love fruit Posted by Picasa

my room at the lowery manchester in the summer Posted by Picasa

attacked on the way back by bikers Posted by Picasa

robin as in loch morloch scotland, you have come a long way baby. me as fatboy Posted by Picasa

Sonic youth at V2005 go kim very cool after all this time Posted by Picasa


Google News

"WASHINGTON Vice President Dick Cheney's former top aide pleaded not guilty Thursday to five criminal charges of lying to or impeding investigators in the case of the leaked identity of a covert CIA agent whose husband was a prominent critic of the Iraq war"

well looks like bush is having problems again.. Well lets see how long it lasts.

talking to flatmate... well I remenber my time when I has 5 years old in the USA befor I started school when I think of halloween. I really remember all of the holidays christmas and halloween the yanks do go to town on their holidays...... .

cool just a start

this is a blog covering all of the stuff that I think is cool.

I talk a lot. so I hope that this blog in my chance to get stuff of my chest and try and explain how I see the world. throught this even meet some new freinds. (this is feeling good already) look out for some dinky pics from my camera phone. I have a habit of just login my days antics via photos....

at the mo I have loads of time on my hands, my web conection is one of my biggest expences... so i am making the most of it I am learning about pod casting and NOW blogging... having had a mad time with bittorents over the last year. This will be a chance for me to document this time in my life.....